Wine & Spirits

ANIFS has passion for the wine and spirit industry therefore we focus on providing safety, reliability, competitiveness, and innovation in alcoholic beverage logistics(Globally). Our wine and spirits dedicated service list includes air and sea door-to-door temperature-controlled services, specialized teams in export and import countries, state-of-the-art order tracking, a worldwide presence, and a passion to serve you in the best manner possible.

Services offered
•Specialized teams who understand wine and spirits-specific logistics requirements at origin and destination countries.
•Competitive and safe worldwide own consolidations.
•Door-to-door control of your valuable orders.
•Use of dedicated wine insulation devices or reefer service to respect your wine’s needs.
•Global wine and spirits air and sea services.
•Wine and spirits order management.
•Dedicated air and ocean dry and temperature-controlled consolidations.
•Dedicated insulation services to protect against temperature fluctuation and humidity .
•Data registering and control.