Road Freight

Our Road Freight Products offer high quality road transportation, from standard services such as LTL (Less-than-Truck Load), PTL (Part) or FTL (Full-Truck Load) shipments to temperature controlled and highly secured transports.

Domestic Freight Forwarding

Transport solutions combining Road Freight and Customs services for the Indian Subcontinent connecting India and Bangladesh.

  • Road Freight: Full Truck Load (FTL) & Less than Truck Load (LTL) India Subcontinent overland transportation connecting India and Bangladesh. Services include freight pick up from all major cities in India with complete visibility through reporting of time stamps. Similar services for Nepal & Bhutan are available on request.
  • Transport Control Tower: centralized operations for Pan-India local transport with increased timestamp visibility through Vehicle tracking systems.


A seamless intercontinental door-to-door distribution service. Combining intercontinental transportation capabilities with road freight networks, it offers end-to-end transparency and helps shorten your delivery time to market – cutting supply chain costs.

  • Direct Door-to-Door delivery, ensuring faster speed-to-market by bypassing distribution centers/warehouses in destination markets
  • Efficient consolidation of individual shipments at origin including air, ocean and rail shipments, subsequent distribution via road freight network.
  • Streamlined operations, ensuring the right speed of individual shipments to multiple business consignees, reducing costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Single point of contact and a single offer
  • End-to-end transparency of services and delivery performance
  • Flexible volumes possible
  • Broad range of value-added services: customs clearance, CO2 measurement and offsetting.