Reefer Trucking

Refrigerated Trucking Services

When it comes to shipping temperature-sensitive goods, reefer trucks are the way to go. Shipping by a refrigerated truck allows for the safe and speedy delivery of perishable goods such as pharmaceuticals, certain chemicals, and more.

The range of temperature control provided by reefer trailers is impressive. Goods can be safely shipped at low temperatures.
Manufacturers, dealers, pharmaceutical companies, and many others require the services of a reliable climate-controlled or refrigerated trailer to maintain product quality in transit.

Benefits of Refrigerated Trucks:

  • Tightly Controlled Temperature Ranges: Spoilage is not only costly but dangerous to the consumer. The cold chain is maintained from inception to market using trucks with strict temperature monitoring and control features.
  • Humidity Control: Refrigeration isn’t the only important factor when it comes to shipping perishable goods. Some goods require humidity control to stay fresh and other products can be irreversibly damaged in environments that are not humidity-controlled. Climate-controlled trucks have humidity controls that allow for shipping products to their final destinations in an ideal condition.
  • FTL & LTL Options: We provide both refrigerated full truckload (FTL) and less than truck load shipping services. Some trucks used for LTL shipping contain different compartments to allow for safe transportation of a variety of goods at different temperatures.
  • Special Monitoring & Tracking: Our trucks are equipped with satellite tracking systems that allow temperature and humidity to be monitored and recorded every 15 minutes. With this tracking technology in place, you can rest assured that your goods are safe in transit at all times.