Live Animals

ANIFS handles regular shipments of newly hatched chicks- Live Animal Forwarding offers a specialized service to a unique market. Our reputation has grown tremendously in this niche segment making us a trusted provider for the transport of live animals industry-wide. 
We are proud to be a leader in the poultry transport field offering a vast list of services to meet our customer’s vast and varied needs, including palletizing the product and non-stop follow up at the transit point and final destination.

We have a dedicated, expert team committed to the safe and humane transport of animals, whether they are moving for zoological or agricultural purposes. We tailor special routings and customize our services based on animal needs and behaviours. We have a thorough understanding of unique container needs and can offer solutions for all live animal cargo. Our team and trusted service providers are trained to recognize emergency situations and act appropriately if and when they arise to protect the safety and welfare of animals both in the air and on the ground. 

Specialized Export handling for

•Day Old Chicks
•Hatching Eggs
•Tropical Fish
•Import and Export of Live Horses