You can count on ANI Freight solutions for a global edge in Manufacturing logistics. Our experience in the sector, global reach, and logistics network brings innovation to delivery. Our expert and experienced team has the proven industry record, which speaks volumes.


•We supply materials to domestic and international car production sites to maintain manufacturing flow and efficiency.
•We are able to consolidate products from multiple suppliers and manage incoming goods to effectively maintain proper lead times.
•Our services extend to customs clearances and transportation to storage facilities and manufacturing sites.
•Outbound Logistics services include the multi-modal distribution of goods for suppliers, production plants or distributors.
•Through our expert management of the production logistics, resources are leveraged globally to help optimize your production and storage for timely delivery of goods.
•Our expertise in logistics enables us to develop and implement customized solutions


•Warehousing / Sub-assembly
•Kitting •Pre/post-assembly of components
•Various forms of production line feeding such as
•Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries
•Just-In-Sequence (JIS) services
•Removal and processing of empty load units

Leverage World-Class Reverse Logistics

Our reverse logistics services and industry expertise help maximize value, reduce cost, and efficiently coordinate your reverse supply chain. We also provide multi-modal transport services, leveraging our capabilities as one of the leading and top-class air freight solutions provider.