Additional Services

Export Services
•Under free shipping bill
•Under claim for duty drawback. (All industry rate/brand rate) of dutiable goods•Under DEPB shipping bill (duty exemption passbook)
•Under EPCG (export promotion capital goods)•For E.O.U/ EPZ / STP / EHTP
•Co-ordination with various authorities such as inspection agencies, consulates, quota authorities insurance companies etc.
•Securing export benefits on behalf of shippers

Import Services
•Routine shipment, Home consumption (Duty paid)
•In-Bond/Ex-Bond shipment
•DEPB / EPCG / DFCEC / advance license shipments
•100% EOU / STPI / SEZ / TP for ships spare-parts / R&D certificate / passbook scheme
•Project import clearance•Direct delivery for perishable & specific cargo
•Re-import after repairs / exhibition
•Third country export clearance
•ATA carnet clearance
•Second-hand capital goods
•Free-of-charges shipments
•Courier clearance

Post Shipment Activities
•Claiming duty drawbacks
•DEPB verification
•DEEC audit
•DFRC verification
•Bond/BG cancellations and more
•SAD refund claims

Ancillary Services
•Collect on Delivery (COD)
•Freight to collect (FTC)
•Delivery on Invoice acceptance (DIA)
•Freight on Value (FOV)
•Heavyweight Shipping